EduCon 2.2

EduCon 2.2

Tomorrow I head off to EduCon 2.2 this will be my third trip. The first conference was something of an experiment with about 75+ attendees.  The conference grew out of a conversation and the conversation has not ended.  This year there will be 500 participants, reaching full capacity. It will be a lot more crowded, I hope it brings richer deeper conversations.  We shall see.  This time around I will also be facilitating a session, I was privileged to be asked to join Danja Mahoney and Michael Springer who were planning a session when we meet up at MassCUE.  Thanks for letting me tag along.

We are facilitating a conversation on Subversive PD.  We would love our administration and fellow educators to encourage and model technology integration; communication and collaboration with the tools of the day.  We would love to have teachers flock to professional development opportunities, but this is not to be.  Our reality is that we sometimes need to drag them kicking and screaming to these sessions and that even when attended change in the learning environment happens slowly.  There has to be a better way to encourage our colleagues down the hall to explore the possibilities and stretch their wings.  We hope to generate some ideas and learn with you about what is working.  Please join us if you can.  There is so much to choose from, a great weekend of learning and thinking is in store for all.

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