by Beth Knittle on April 1, 2016

About 11 years ago I left the middle school science classroom after 19 years to become the sole K-12 Technology Integration Specialist for a pretty big district. To find out more about my work experience please visit my CV. I love my position. I find great joy in helping teachers meet the needs of their diverse students. I have a strong belief that we can and should find ways to reach all students in our classrooms. As teachers we often need to step out of the box and even our comfort zones to find creative ways to help our students learn.

I live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. The beautiful scenery on the Cape is very good for the soul. I love the sea it helps put things in perspective. Some of the pictures on the banner are taken in town others are of at trip to a 19th century one room school house. My husband is also a teacher and shell-fisherman in the summer. I have two college age children.

I am involved in many formal and informal learning opportunities. I have presented at MassCUENECC, and EduCon.  I was actively involved in the DEN in SL within Second Life® and still participate in SL. I participate in Twitter and and other networking sites, I think I may have lost track of some.

I blog because it helps me to think and keep track of my learning experiences. Along the way I found it was also a means of connecting with other educators. Blogging has been an integral part of my growth as an educator. I tend to write about Learning and Educational Technology.

I love to facilitate workshops, presentations and conversations. I value what I learn from these experience, I also feel I have experiences worth sharing.  Please feel free to contact me about an opportunity to share with you.

You can contact me at: beth at bethknittle.net

I am bknittle on twitter

Disclosure Statement: The opinions expressed here are my own and do not represent the views of my employers or the organizations to which I belong


On a personal note:  I consider it a good day when I have hugged my children, kissed my husband, lived by my principles, and thanked God for the opportunity.