And We’re Live!

And We’re Live!

Live face-to-face conferences are back!!!!! I can’t express enough how excited I was to attend FETC and ISTE this year. Sure I have been attending virtual conferences for the last two years but NOTHING beats the hallway conversations, the chats waiting in line, and just the shared energy of being in a space filled with people passionate about learning.

Those conferences brought me back to my roots of why I am in education. I learned, was affirmed, and inspired. I got to participate in unstructured conversations that meandered all over the place. It reminded me that others are in the same situation, had similar issues and similar solutions. So I wasn’t alone after all. I also discovered ingenious solutions to problems I didn’t know I had. It restored my faith in educators the most flexible, creative, optimistic people I know.

So what to attend next? May I suggest MassCUE celebrating 40 years in October, or FETC hitting the road to New Orleans in January or ISTE June 2023 in Philadelphia? Go and be inspired!

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