Personal Research Journey

Personal Research Journey

I have to make this public, hoping it will give me a motivation to keep moving forward.  I am embarking on my own personal research project, I have not done any serious research since I worked on my dissertation. I may be crazy but I have these questions, ideas, thoughts just swimming around in my mind.  I can’t seem to grab them and sort them out.  There are so many my head seems like it will burst.  I need to take the time to examine them and see if they have any merit, or should be discarded.

I guess my mind is on information over load.  I read and read all your work (blogs and articles).  I participated in webinars, listen to podcasts, attend conferences and interact with fellow educators in twitter and plurk.  I am spending so much time immersed in content I have not had a chance to fully integrate the ideas and thoughts it generates. I need to breath.

So I am going to spend time listing all the questions and ideas I can find as they float by. So far the list is about 3 pages.  I am giving myself another week to complete the brain dumb.   I will use wordle to see where my focus lies. Using the question list and wordle results, I hope to generate a good research question or two and go from there.

So far the keywords are (in alphabetical order): ability, access, change, children, education (formal, informal, non-tradtional, post-secondary), educators, history, learners, learning, literacy, schools, self-directed, students, teaching, tools (web based).

I’ll share my wordle and questions when done.  I would love some support and input from the network as I try to sort it all out.  Only fair since the network started all this.

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