3D Space Navigator

3D Space Navigator

About a week ago my dad called telling me about 3D connexion‘s Space Navigator. My dad was reading about Second Life, trying to understand what is I do. Thanks to dad I now have the Navigator for notebooks. It arrived yesterday evening and I took it for a test spin last night in SL. I did need to download the new release candidate for SL. 3D connexion suggests setting up on the opposite side of the mouse. I do not use a mouse on my laptop and honestly I am so uncoordinated with my left hand that would be a disaster. So it sits on the right side of my MacBook Pro.

It was easy to set up and fits comfortably in my hand. I first tried it out flying and that seems fun and easy. Walking and manipulating objects was a different story. The mouse is designed to respond to input from any direction and the slightest movement up or down was reflected in my avatar. But it is just a matter of getting use to it and playing with a few setting. I need to think 3D and not 2D. Today I hope to play more in SL, and take a tour in Google Earth (it is compatible with GE). I am glad school is winding down, there is now more time to play and explore.

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  1. I received my space navigator and I am having fun trying it out. I found that if you go to “preferences”, “input devices” and then “joystick” you can change the settings making it easier to walk around. I changed the “pitch scale” under “avatar” to “0” and this made it a lot easier to walk around. Hope this helps!

  2. I can’t wait to hear more about your experience with this new mouse! You and I both ordered it at the same time and I’m anxiously following its progress through the FedEx system (current reading was it left Secaucus, NJ at 5:01 a.m.). I was not aware that it was compatible w/ GE, that should be a real interesting experience. I too, although a leftie, never use a mouse w/ my laptop so I believe I will also probably use it on the right side as I would a regular mouse. I hope others will share their experiences as well….

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