End of One Year and Planning the Next

End of One Year and Planning the Next

The last few weeks of school are overwhelming for me. It is as if everyone is racing for the finish line. Between work and home I am exhausted. At home I have a son ending his fifth grade career and a daughter ending 8th grade. There are final band concerts, award ceremonies and recognition (aka graduation) ceremonies. Not to mention the last Girl Scout, youth group, running club and skating club culminating events. It is far to much to really enjoy and savor. Work is really not much better.

The one joy I do get at the end of the year is deciding what conferences to attend. I am currently getting ready to attend my first NECC and present with my fellow DEN in SL leadership councils members. I also am trying to convince some team mates to attend EduCon 2.1 hosted by Chris Lehman. It was a blast last year and I am sure it will be wonderful next year as well. I will also be attending MassCUE. I learned and accomplished more this year then I ever dreamed. I only hope I can say the same at the close of school next year.

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