A Mini Technology Fast

by Beth Knittle on February 9, 2008

A while back my family discussed the idea of having a technology fast. Once a month we pick a day usually on a weekend to turn off all tech and do a family activity together. I look forward to this day, I think we all do. Recently I have had to endure a mini technology fast or at least a major slow down. I have felt crippled by the inability to keep up with work and my participation in my professional and personal networks (which are merging more and more). It has really been brought home to me how much being connected is involved in my work and habits.

At work we had intermittent Internet access for a variety of reasons also I attended out of district meetings with out access. At home I have ended up sharing a computer with my teenage daughter. Her computer was at a local shop for over a week when they told me it would cost between $200-$1400 to repair, did I want to go ahead? Not with that spread. It is now with Apple (a 4 hr round trip) hoping to be repaired, if not she will need a new one. I’ll know by Wednesday. She and I get home about the same time. There is a minor show down to see who gets it first. I try to get done what is essential and then pass the computer off to her so she can get her school work done and socialize. I find my view of what is essential is changing. As she can’t live with out her network, I find I need mine as well. I am constantly wanting to turn to a machine that is not there, to look something up or tell a friend some news. I never knew how much I used it even if just for a minute or two.

Needless to say this is testing the mother-daughter relationship, as well as, the patience of those we collborate with online. Hopefully in less then a week we can once again be back to our normal work flow. Regardless this experience has taught both of us about our pioritities, habits and patience.

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