Awesome is the only way to describe my feeling about EduCon 2.0. It was a conference focused on learning and the people who play a role in the process; students and educators. There were no vendors, nor products or tools demonstrated. It did not mean that participants did not learn about twitter, or voice thread or flicker, but they learned about them from a conversation here or there. It was a conference born of a group of people wondering “what if'” and then collaboratively making it a “can do”. An experience we need to remember as we work in our schools and districts — we can take “what if” and make it “can do.”

I will never look at the icons and avatars in my network quite the same way. For behind them I have now heard the laughter and had a glimpse of the deep commitment and fine intellects that are behind them. I came away encouraged, strengthened and excited to push harder and farther. I also came away pondering some of the assumptions I hold and need to rethink my positions on a few ideas. I learned, renewed, made new connections and I hope I contributed to the process in some small way. I do not think I can ever look at another conference in quite the same way.

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  1. Indeed it was a pleasure to meet so many icons and avatars face to face. This past weekend was not the echo chamber many fear conferences can turn into. There were new voices, new revisions, and new conversations. Thanks for being one of those Beth!

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