EduCon 2.0 Almost Here

EduCon 2.0 Almost Here

EduCon 2.0 is almost here. I am excited about this conference. I am looking forward to meeting people I only know on line face-to-face, the sessions, and watching the format of the conference unfold. Unlike any other conference I have attended I have been able to watch this one develop and grow. I and may others have followed the planning process on the wiki, blog posts and twitter. During the call for conversations people discussed what they would like to see or offer with the members of their networks. As people prepare to facilitate the conversations they share their progress and ideas with others. The conference is to be about conversations, but the conversations began at its very inception, and they will continue long after. In reality it is a chance to talk and eat (Philly Cheese Stakes Saturday night
) together to refocus and strengthen the connections and conversations. The format of this conference intrigues me, it has build in time to talk, write, reflect and explore. Reflection time is something I could use at other conferences there is rarely time to digest and ponder. I ofter leave a session inspired, and my mind buzzing with possibilities but soon find myself in the next session, thoughts lost. I believe it will be different this time and I can’t wait.

Thanks Chris and SLA for planning and hosting this event, I can’t wait.

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