MassCUE and my New Favorite Tools

MassCUE and my New Favorite Tools

I am putting the finishing touches on presentation materials for the upcoming MassCUE 2013 conference.  If you are in the area and able to attend it is a well run and worth your time.  I always walk away having learned new skills and strategies to promote deep learning.  I learn a lot and it keeps me thinking and reflecting on my instructional practice for months to come.

This year I am co-presenting with Kristin Cannistraro at teacher of the visually impaired. She works daily with students who use the iPad to access a text based curriculum. She has worked wonders and I am impressed with her creativity and resourcefulness to meet her students’ needs and foster their independence. In this workshop we are going to look at some of the common strategies used that can be helpful to all learners.

Later on I will be part of a panel, IGNITE Your Passion in Just Five Minutes.  I will have just 5 minutes to share what ignites my passion. That will be hard to do those who have met me face to face know I am a talker. I think I am more worried about these 5 minutes than the 2 hour hands-on-workshop.

While working on these I have become very fond of 3 new tools; Reflector, ScreenFlow and Paper 53.  I have been using Reflector and Screenflow to make tutorials on using iPads and some Apps.  These tutorials are used in two iTunes U courses.  One course supports the workshop and one to support the move to mobile learning in my district.  Both need a lot of work, the move to iOS7 required reworking these tutorials.  Screenflow and Reflector have made the job go so much more smoothly. They are easy to use, reliable and work well together.  Now if I could only get someone to do the narration I would be a happy camper, I do not like listening to the sound of my voice.

During the Ignite panel I have only 5 minutes so I will be using five slides to highlight the key points.  I am using Paper 53 to create these slides.  Actually my husband is doing the art. They are simple illustrations, but I love the look and feel of Paper 53.  I have been inspired to create some art and improve my skills.  It is an easy to use tool and can be quite handy in creating sketch notes.  This is a skill I would love to develop.

Well still much to do and need to get back at it.  Hope to see some of you at MassCUE.







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