Getting into Gaming

Getting into Gaming

My son is a gamer he plays all types of games (card, board, live action and computers). He knows he wants to do “something” with computers when he heads off to college in a couple of years.  To help him figure it out he is taking a course on The Foundations of Game Design at our community college. He is particularly intrigued with the design of games; what motivates the player to keep going, strategy, scoring and leveling.

He recently shared with me Extra Credits by Penny Arcade. It is series of podcast on gaming and the game industry.  It is pretty informative and entertaining.  If you know a gamer in your life or are interested in the industry please pass them a long.  They are well worth watching.  I have learned a lot.



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  1. My name is Haley Smith, and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. This is something that I will have to share with my fiance. He LOVES video games and his friends do as well. He is always interested in finding how things work and the basics behind the game even to the more explained concepts. Thank you for sharing this resource.

  2. Hello, I attend the University of South Alabama while partaking in a class labeled EDM 310. I wanted to make a comment because I to have gamed a great deal in the past. Unfortunately, I have a perfectionist mentality and therefore had to cut myself off from the gaming world, especially when it came to MMO play. I consumed myself in the world to much and always wanted everything. To be the best and have the best and those attributes took a lot of time, to much time.

    In regards to your son, I believe the future is VERY bright for an accomplished game designer. If he loves it, he will have a job for life. I can also help him understand his questions of “keep going, strategy, scoring and leveling.” Simply put, gaming is a place where life can be wonderful. Anything that you may not love about your life can be transformed into perfection in the gaming world. Gaming is addictive because of this. Gaming also has a great competitive aspect to it. Hey, we all want to be winners and gaming is a place anyone can do it.
    If your son ever wants to chat, do not hesitate to have him email me.

    I look forward to reading other posts because I am intrigued with the usage of technology in teaching methods. Thank you for allowing me to comment.

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