Educational Jargon

by Beth Knittle on May 31, 2013

It has been my experience that we all use terms such as learning, education and schooling. We assume we agree on their meaning but I do not think we truly have a shared understanding of these terms.  There are also terms and phrases I wish would not be bantered about such as ‘21st Century Learning’.  Does that mean we learn differently in this century than in previous ones?  To me learning takes place in the mind. How we create understanding, make connections and build memories are rooted in our biology.  How we interact with our world can change as new technologies evolve, but essentially we still use text, images and audio. We still read, write, communicate and collaborate as we develop understanding.

Tim Stahmer of Assorted Stuff writes about defining the term “digital learning” and shares his thoughts on other education jargon.  Does digital learning mean we learn differently with digital content or does it mean we should learn how to utilize digital tools for research, creation and communication?  His posts are well worth the read so please take a look.


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