The Web Clutter Free

The Web Clutter Free

I read online a great deal.  I support teachers who wish to share web content in classrooms with younger children.  As well as students who have visual and special needs.  I frequently recommend two tools to help remove the distracting and sometime inappropriate clutter.

Viewpure – allows you to view youtube videos against a white background, no ads, and no comments.

Readability – I started using readability while it was still in development.  It is now a commercial product with an interesting twist.  There is still a free feature which you can add to your tool bar,  this is what was available before.  It clears up your screen for reading now.  The new fee based service allows to your read later and take it with you to your device. 70% of all fees will be shared with the creators of the content that has been viewed.  I am currently still using the free tool bar feature and have not decided if I will pay the $5 a month subscription fee, $60 a year.  Writers and publishers of content, big and small, are encouraged to sign up so they can receive payment if their content is viewed.   I have not done this, I find myself in a personal moral dilemma.  If I am too cheap (poor) to pay for the content I read, then I should not accept payment for the content I share.  I think this is a great model and wish I could participate but I have been reigning in my expenses in preparation of sending a child to college. I do suggest trying the free tool bar add on and if you like what you see, consider the subscription service.

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  1. Hi Beth!
    My name is Lindsay Curtis, and I am visiting your blog again this week! (I am from EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama). I decided to go back in time on your posts so I could read more of your articles. I have never heard of viewpure before reading this, buit it sounds really helpful. I also like what you said about encouraging teachers to use web content with students with special needs. I recently observed in a school with an Occupational Therapist that took her iPad to work with her. She let the students play games that worked on fine- motor coordination as well as educational activities. I am a believer that students learn best when they are having fun and are engaged in what they are doing! Have a great week! Thanks fir your post!

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