iPod Apps for Special Education

iPod Apps for Special Education

In the up coming months we hope to be exploring the use of iPods and iPads in a variety of Special Education settings.  We have begun to put together a list of Apps we would like to try.  Though I can visit the app store and read a variety of web pages we are really looking for information from people who have taken them for a run.  If you have any apps you would like to share please add them to the Google Spreadsheet.


6 thoughts on “iPod Apps for Special Education

  1. I have it. It is a great resources. I was hoping to get some user feed back. We will be piloting a few iPods/iPads and wanted to narrow down the options as there really are quite a few.

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  3. I am looking at piloting a program for a special education class. I am looking at either an i-touch or ipad. Any personal preferences and reasons would be appreciated.


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