ICE 2009

ICE 2009

I am just getting ready to head home from ICE 2009.  It has been such a wonderful few days.  I had a chance to meet some members of my PLN face-2 face, and learn from their experiences and knowledge.  I was also able to learn from presenters I would not normally encounter if I just stayed in my region.  I wanted to share some quick highlights.  Please forgive me if I forget someone or something out.

I want to thank Kymberli Mulford for hosting a plurk-up where I had the joy of deepening my connections to Kymberli, Jeff Johnson, Colleen King, Jen Wagner, Wendy Sigele, Anne Thorpe, Pam Neilson, Karin Beil and Kevin Honeycutt.

Last week I had the pleasure of  hearing Kevin Honeycutt (Kevinski Braveheart – SL) present at the DEN in SL. (someday I’ll get around to posting my thoughts on that session) This week I had the opportunity to connect with him face -2-face at ICE. He is a remarkable man; thoughtful, genuine, and talented.  In fact I believe I can say that about most of the people I connected with these last few days. There are terrific educators doing terrific things who are just wondeful people and thing a met a bunch of them at ICE.

I spent a good deal of time at the PLN Plaza or heading out to dinner having great conversations or howling with laughter.  Thanks, Heather DowdCheryl Lykowski, Erica Roberts, Sharon Peters, Steve Dembo, Lor Abrahams and, Anne Truger for some great fun and learning

I wish I could remember everyone’s names.  It was a great time. Thanks everyone for  enriching my learning.  Remember to learn a lot, share what you know and have fun doing it.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your knowledge at the SL playground to IL educators. It was wonderful to spend time with you f2f. I am so happy you made the trip to ICE.

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