Pokemon Go or Gone?

Pokemon Go or Gone?

As many of you know Pokemon Go was all the rage the last few weeks.  I don’t normally play games but thought I would give it a try and was enjoying playing with my young adult children.  It got us out of the house and doing something together, it was more a side note to our family outings. Steve Dembo has a good post summing up initial thoughts on Pokemon go.  It was fun. Today as a result of the update many users are all back to zero.  Twitter and  Facebook are full of people complaining about the reset and loss of items and money.

It will be interesting to see how Niantic responds to this. So far no word on the issue, if they made $35 million the first two weeks, and about $1.6 million a day from iPhone users how will they handle all the money and items people lost if the issue is not resolved? Do they refund people? Do they just figure people will start again?

As noted in the article about Pokemon revenue the game was beginning to lose players. How many more will it now loose as a result of this issue, even if it was not intended and the issue resolved?  As a watcher and teacher of technology what lessons might the consumer learn or other game companies from this “glitch.”  It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few days.

UPDATE:  Pokemongo support has posted a fix for some users, though not sure how this helps those who only have one gmail account and still have issues.

One thought on “Pokemon Go or Gone?

  1. I remember when this was all the craze. Sadly, as quickly as it went up, interest died down. They were smart to release it during summer time. They made some money and yes, it did have issues, but I think what new technology doesn’t have some kind of glitch. Everyone should know, it’s a risk you take with anything new. I think if people hadn’t thought about that before, they definitely learned from this experience.

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