Recruiting Teachers

Recruiting Teachers

Tim Stahmer of Assorted Stuff has written about an educational consultant. This consultant recommends that we need to recruit teachers from the top college graduates (Duh!). One of the countries he mentions that does this is South Korea. I used to live and work in Seoul. There are many ways to recruit top candidates, better pay, professional development opportunities, and prestige. The latter is a tough one. In Korea being a teacher is a highly respected profession, parents actually hope their children will grow up to be teachers. When people find out you are a teacher they thank you for your service to their children and the nation. This is done with a slight bow and sincere gratitude. Here on the other hand teaching in general is viewed as a fall back position, or done only because the hours are good for a working parent. Teachers, schools and education are often viewed in a negative light. Education is a strain on local budgets, teachers make too much and work too little, schools are full of discipline problems, the list goes on. I have often been referred to as ‘just a teacher’ or asked why I did not not go into another profession as I have ability. This makes me assume the questioner does not believe teachers are talented and intelligent.

How can you have an effective, superior educational system in a society that says it values education but does not value educators? I believe you cannot unless education and educators are equally valued and respected. How do you change this?

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