Introduction to Second Life Presentation

Introduction to Second Life Presentation

Recently I have been putting together a presentation for introducing Second Life to K12 educators at Barnstable and Plymouth. This presentation will be part of the Lighthouse Learning project as we bring our teachers into Second Life to explore the possibilities and participate in the conversations and collaboration that is taking place among a diverse group of educators. The workshop support wiki is still under construction but I guess they always aren’t they. The link to the hand out is there or you can go to it directly. I am already working on a supplement, a glossary of terms. Please feel free to list suggestion in the comments area. What were the terms that caused you some confusion when you first entered SL?

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  1. Hi Beth
    I know one of the first questions I had was what are the green T and upside down Ts on the minimap and one i still have is what are the red Ts? Another question I had but was embarrassed to ask, was how do you change clothes? SL is a different world, once I figured out you don’t have to take off your clothes first to try on new ones I was much happier. I was lucky to have Lor with me to help me out on this one 🙂

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