The Power in Connections

The Power in Connections

After Hurricane Sandy effected the northeast I headed down to NJ to lend my folks a hand.  The main highway I would normally take was closed in many spots so I had to drive north, across Massachusetts and then south.  On my way I passed convoy after convoy of tree service, fuel tankers and power line crews from Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire.  Some had banners hanging off the sides of the trucks. “NJ here we come.” “NY you are not alone.”  At a rest stop people were buying the crews coffee and snacks for the road.  When I entered NJ I was a lone car a mists the convoys.

This Saturday I passed a convoy of military vehicles and it brought me right back to that memory. I thought of all these people joining together to complete a mission; be it post storm restoration or the defense of our nation.  If you have ever been part of such a team then you know the feeling of “being able.”  Being able to get the job done, surpass obstacles, persevere, and pull together.  It is an empowering feeling being part of a mission driven group.

I am an educator and I am a member of such a team.  We have a mission and for the most part we are driven.  Though on occasion we loose our energy and the feeling of “being able.” It is at these times I need to dip into the well and reconnect with other educators for inspiration, motivation and restoration.  I am very grateful for the network of educators to which I belong.  In many ways it is like being a member of a convoy. We are on a mission and we can get the job done.

October is Connected Educator month. I learn, grow and am challenged by colleagues.  Being connected has made me a better educator and I hope I have helped others do the same. If you have not connected with a variety of educators from around the globe then you may be missing out. Please check out Connected Educators and get connected.

4 thoughts on “The Power in Connections

  1. Ms. Knittle, once again, a great post. This one really stuck out to me for a few reasons: we have hurricanes every year that devastate our area, my family is a military family, and I’m learning how to begin really using my PLN. First, I can completely understand the sense of unity and being able in each of those situations. It is a great feeling when people can just come together for one great cause, and many educators do that a lot just by connecting.

    This post really gives you a sense of what being an educator can be like sometimes by still stating that it isn’t always a bed of roses but sometimes with other educators help, it can still grow into a wonderful garden.

    I am looking forward to building my PLN and using the link given.
    Thank you for the opportunity to allow me to peek in at your blog and get a better understanding of teaching in the 21st century, because it has DEFINITELY changed a lot since I was in grade school.

    Thank you,
    Jennifer Flowers
    EDM310 student

  2. Hello Beth,

    I can understand what you are saying being part of a team may it being a teacher or a military member part of a team. I do feel at times that I am done and just want to hide my head under the sand than to be a member of some sort of team. But if you do you can always turn your head and ask for help from other teachers and the end result your not alone.

    Being a student and a instructor teaching a college class there are times I just want to hide my head in the sand because there is so much at once and I can’t take the stress from being a student and a instructor. Sometimes I have to ask for help or guidance and then I realize that I am not alone. Beth have you ever used the internet to get the help that you are looking for? If so what instances have you used the internet for guidance and help?

    Thanks Dayna Urquhart

  3. It is pretty cool that you got to experience the after math of such a large natural disaster. I live in Alabama an we tend to get a lot!of hurricanes here but we know how to prepare for things of that nature a little more here and they do not. But it was a interest to think of educators as a convoy. Yes we are on a mission just like they were! We are on a mission to educate the future people of America and help make them the best people the can be in society.

  4. Hi Beth! I agree! When teaming up with each other, we seem to get a bigger and better outlook for education. In my EDM 310 class, we are learning the importance of connecting with different educators around the world. This will better our systems and ideas for the classroom. Best of wishes and Happy Thanksgiving!

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