Value Added Models: Where are we headed?

Value Added Models: Where are we headed?

Many public school educators have begun transitioning and adjusting to new educator evaluation procedures.  These evaluation tools are to included test results for students and a statistically generate Value Added Measure.  In my state we have not yet fully moved to this as many districts need to determine what District Determined Measures (DDMs) they will we use to measure teacher performance in each subject area. There are also a variety of statistical models to determine the Value Added by a particular teacher.

I really am not sure what to make all this.  I am beginning some research into this area focusing on what it means in general for educators and what it means for me particularly.  In my current role I am a teacher, evaluated as specialized instructional support personal (ie. librarian, reading specialist, caseload educators and those that consult).  I fall into the later category as I am not linked to any students and work across the district.

The first part of my research is to look at how Value Added Measures are calculated.  I would suggest taking a look at the American Statistical Association’s executive summary on Using Value Added Models for Educational Assessment. It give a good basic understanding the validity of these models. As we all know there is more to teaching, learning and education then standardized testing. How do these non tangibles effect teacher effectiveness?

Though this may be jumping the gun as I am still trying to understand the statics, I am also interested in what will become of the data when generated. Florida was one the first states to implement VAMs and to publish the results.  Granted they are only publishing the top 30% of educators in the subject areas they currently are assessing, but if you are not on the list it shows you to be in the bottom two thirds. Please take a look at this article on the release of Florida’s data and the related website where parents can look up their teacher’s effectiveness.

There is a lot for me to wrap my head around.  How about you?

6 thoughts on “Value Added Models: Where are we headed?

  1. Hi Beth,
    I am a corporate trainer for the largest telecommunication company in the world. I have been a trainer for many years and I am evaluation on every course I facilitate. Sometimes I get annoyed when someone evaluate my class in a negative and never add recommendation or suggestion. I believe this new District Determined Measures will evaluate the teacher’s performance in a positive manner. In the corporate, we have a saying “Feedback is a Gift”. This evaluation process will help the teachers promote and improve learning within their classrooms. Lorothy Wilson

  2. Hi Ms. Beth,

    My name is Jennifer and I am currently a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. I am studying to become a third grade elementary teacher. Each week we are assigned a blog (usually another educator’s) to monitor and learn how blogging is helping them go throughout their career. First, thank you for this post! I never knew anything about DDM’s and now I’m very interested. I think that feedback is definitely a good thing when given positively, otherwise we wouldn’t know our downfalls. I think its very interesting that just because those teachers mentioned in the top 30% are automatically assumed to not be some of the best, is kind of off. Just because someone is ranked number 31 doesn’t mean their teaching is any less effective. I’m looking forward to learning more about these measurements and instruction.

    Looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog! 🙂
    Thank you,
    Jennifer Flowers

    you can contact me on my blog at :

  3. Hi Jennifer welcome to the world of education and blogging. Blogging is great way to document and reflect on your learning. Sometimes we just need to sit back and connect the dots. Good luck with your studies.

  4. Hi Ms.Beth,

    I commented on this blog last week but it isn’t letting me view that comment. If theres any way for you to email me a copy of my comment that would be helpful.

    Thank you 🙂
    Jennifer Flowers

  5. Hi Beth,

    I have never heard of the added value measure before. I guess the added value measure basically measures a teacher’s performance on how the teacher is performing in the classroom? Could you provide more feedback Beth on how the added value measure is and how it is suppose to work for teachers and what it is used for basically? This is very interesting to me never came across the added value measure before until I started to read your blog?

    Thanks Dayna

  6. Hi Jennifer,

    In response to your comment have you learned anymore regarding the added value measure? Did you have to learn about this in your college class? You did bring up a good point just because one teacher is ranked higher than the other doesn’t mean there teaching skills are any better than the other.

    Thanks Dayna

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