Removing Digital Clutter

by Beth Knittle on December 30, 2012

I took some time the last week to organizing my digital life, really clean it up. It can get a bit unruly and combersome.  I gather information from twitter, plurk, google+ and my rss feeds in my reader.  I post occasionally in them as well.  I feel disconnected, disorganized and distracted.   I spent time looking for one tool that would let me collect  and share from a single place. But nothing seems to do it all.  I thought about just leaving some things behind but I learn from these people and value them.  So I took a look at the network/tools I use, listed who I follow in each, tried to determine which network/tool they are most active and removed them from the others. I weeded out people who have not posted in the last 6 months or just post links to things they have bookmarked.  I may still have 4 main places to check out each day but I will have less in each and have removed  the repetitiveness.  I hope this helps me focus more on what I am reading and learning and not the frustration of navigating through all the information.

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