You are not crazy

You are not crazy

Liz Davis wrote a summary of her take away from EduCon, which I think reflects the elusive feeling I took away from the weekend. Before continuing please read her post.  I left the following comment, which I continue below.


I too have this odd, elusive feeling leaving EduCon.  Seems more intense this year then in the past. I am not sure if it is frustration, annoyance, or what.  I just know I leave unsettled.  I have always thought that unsettled feelings help drive learning and change.

… I felt this way at more traditional conferences, where I thought okay we have new tools, now what?  Then I discovered EduCon and I thought wow this is more like it, we were thinking beyond the tools, focusing on learning and the need for change.  Now, I am saying, now what?   The conferences are part of the learning continuum and there is value in each type. I think now I am looking for something different and I am not sure what that is. My thoughts tend to lean more to toward learning then toward schooling.  I guess I am getting cynical,  some times I do not think they are related.

I want…
to look at examples of excellence, I know they are out there.
to examine practical models of change.
parents to know what I know, if they only knew.
to continue to explore ways to give value to learning that takes place out of schools.

I want to be able to concisely describe what I have been thinking but you can’t have everything.

2 thoughts on “You are not crazy

  1. Hi Beth, I know what you mean, and I think that you may agree that traditional learning mixed with newer learning tools has to be the way of the future, not just for the educators community, but for students as well. The newer tools I’m referring to is free online courses. Free online courses covers a variety of different subjects, but the main ones that should be stressed, are the ones specifically targeted at the development of skills related to computers and the Internet. We all know computers are here to stay, and focusing on getting everyone on-board with understanding the basics and the ever-growing technologies , can only help us make our country stronger. That is why I have devoted a large portion of my time lately to getting the word out about the free computer courses that I have found and used. I have seen on Youtube recently, a little 14 year old girl, who has made her own website, and made a video to promote it. She was talking about DNS and Search engines, and I was thinking to myself, “she has a head start on all of the kids her age that have an after-school interest in video games or television. She is already thinking like an entrepreneur at age 14! Anyways, check out the list of free and low-cost courses:
    This is not a sales gimmick, most of the programs on the list are totally free!!! As a matter of fact, some of the programs allow you to download a certificate of completion after you pass! Please pass this info on. Thank you.
    Wes Burgan

  2. Hi Wes Burgan

    It is a fact that traditional learning incorporated with latest modes of learning presents an ideal form of erudition. Free online courses are a potent form of learning; however, the authenticity of some of these sites is questionable. This is because not all of them are genuinely educational. Focusing on those dealing with computers and the Internet is a brilliant idea; however, one tends to wonder how queries concerning the subjects are communicated. Moreover, how sure is the student that the tutor is a professional with sound knowledge of the subject? Well, this makes these online courses a dangerous adventure to pursue. Furthermore, other academic dishonesty like plagiarism and cheating is rampant, as there is no close supervision by the tutor. Please put in mind the fact that am not opposing your views but am trying to equip the readers with the necessary caution when consuming such data.

    It is true that computers are here to stay, but we have to be cautious when seeking education on how to use these technologies. Using most reliable sources of course-work information is imperative. These include sites operated by learning institutions and academic experts. Such sites can be essential in the building of an individual’s technological ability. Technological expertise ensures the country attains its goals and objectives. Genuine educational sites are essential, as they help individuals who are not able to access such information physically. Devoting your time to spread the word out on these genuine educational sites is an act worth appreciating. Your intention is excellent, as many individuals will benefit from this.
    The 14-year-old girl who made her own website portrays the benefits young people can attain if they embrace technological ideas. It is noteworthy that there are so many cases of young people coming out with excellent technological products. The link provided is imperative as it offers the opportunity for other individuals to benefit from this generosity. Moreover, other people can have a chance to attain knowledge .

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