Expoloring LiveBinders

Expoloring LiveBinders

Last weekend I began play around with LiveBinders.  LiveBinders allows you to organize web pages, images, PDFs and documents into a virtual binder complete with tabs and sub-tabs.

I had a little trouble getting started as I did not know you could add text to a page – such as the main tab pages, and how to create sub-tabs.  I guess I should have watched the tutorials first. 🙂  I also noticed that in firefox I was not able to upload and view a pdf.  So I turned to safari and had no trouble uploading and viewing the pdf.  I hope they can sort that out.  I have not tried another browsers.

Below is my first attempt, it is material I was putting together to use with our information literacy classes and a workshop for staff. These binders seem like a good way to share related web pages say for a blog post, a module in moodle, or class of students.

2 thoughts on “Expoloring LiveBinders

  1. I am new to the Ed Tech world and I am currently in a Master’s program focused on digital teaching and learning. I have not heard of LiveBinders before, but I am totally diggin’ the idea! Thank you for this post! I plan to try and incorporate this idea into a project!

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