MassCUE Conference

MassCUE Conference

I am looking forward to MassCUE this week.  The annual conference is undergoing a bit of a revival.  It is co-sponsored with MASS (Massachusetts Associations of School Superintendents).  It has a new location, Gillette Stadium, and it has sold out.  A good sign.

Wednesday’s Keynote, The Global Achievement Gap, is by Tony Wagner.
Thursday’s Keynote, The Changing Face of Literacy and Learning In 1-1 Laptop Classrooms: The New Literacies of Online Reading Comprehension, is given by Donald Lue, j. Gregory McVerry, W. Ian O’Byrne and Lisa Zawilinski of the University of Connecticut New Literacies Research Lab.

Looking through the list of sessions I see some familiar names and many new names and session topics.   I am eager to connect with other educators, I think I enjoy the hallway conversations as much as the sessions.

I hope to see you there.

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