Challenge update

Challenge update

Well today is day 10 of the 30 days to being a better blogger challenge. I have managed to keep up.

Day 4 I updated my creative commons license.

Day 5 I globalized my blog by adding a Google translation widget to my side bar.

Day 6 I asked non-blog readers to look at my blog and give me feed back to its look, feel and ease of use.

Day 7 I invited a colleague to be a guest blogger, looking forward to seeing what she writes.

Day 8 I left comments on a two blogs Just In Time Tech and Cliotech.

Day 9 I accomplished this on day 10. I set up a FeedBurner feed. If you subscribe to my old feed, which still works, you might wish to switch over to the new feed, to do so click the subscribe button in the header.

Day 10 I began to look at how the blog looks in a variety of browsers. I have covered a range on the Mac and will need to investigate windows browsers at work. I also am using Browsershots to check out the blog

While looking at Cliotech’s blog I discovered she is using Google Notebook to keep track of her work in the challenge. I think this an awesome idea and have followed suit. Learning how to use Google notebook has been on the to do list, so this is a great opportunity to give it a try. Thanks Jen for the inspiration. To check my progress please view my notes.

I have completed 1/3 of the challenge, looking forward to learning more. I wonder if I can get PDPs for this.

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