Playing with Flickr

Playing with Flickr

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Today I took some time to play with flicker. I have had an account for a while but never had time to explore the features from a teacher’s perspective. After watching the presentation on flickr by Jeff Utecht at the K12 Conference Online, I decided to try out the map features. Like Jeff I have worked as an overseas educator. I have lived or travelled in many places; Ghana, Jordan, Korea, Thailand, England, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Hawaii. I decided to start with my first overseas experience in Keta, Ghana. I was a Peace Corps volunteer and this is where I met my husband. I uploaded the photos, made them public, linked them to the map and tried the describe them with a bit of a historical or scientific perspective. Maybe someone will use them to show eroision (Keta was washing away) or pictures of an old slaving fort. It didn’t take to much time at all. From scanning, uploading, organizing and now posting this blog took about 30 mins. I must say most time was spent looking in the old photo ablum. It is a start. I hope to get more up soon, it was fun.

One thought on “Playing with Flickr

  1. Beth,
    Thanks for posting about Flickr. I haven’t played with it yet but am anxious to explore it more as a teaching tool with the ability to tag different parts of the photo, work of art, etc. Can’t wait to hear more of how you will incorporate it.
    (Can’t believe all the places you have lived!)
    Are you going to MassCUE next week?

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