Looking for Ideas

Looking for Ideas

I find I am frequently talking to parents about teens and the web. Their questions go beyond saftey issues they seem more about management concerns and why and how kids connect. When I talk to parents I go through the usual; keep the computer in the public room, refer them to a variety of internet safety sites, and how our family has an AUP. But they want more.

  • How do you check who your kids are chatting with?
  • How much time do they really need to be online to get homework done?
  • Are games bad for them?
  • Are online connections real, are these friends?
  • Should my kids spend more time with face-to-face friends

I do know that the members of my professional network who are tech savvy educators have had similar discussions. If we have these questions imagine the uncertainty of less tech savvy parents who are also raising teenagers.

So…. I am looking for ideas and resources to share with parents, please leave your comments and suggestions below.

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