Remembering The Team Who Taught Me So Much

Remembering The Team Who Taught Me So Much

Once upon a time in a land far away I met an incredible group of people. We created, collaborated and learned together. Our time together changed me forever.

From 2007 to 2011 I was part of a very effective and productive team, we met and worked virtually. At first only through text and later voice as technology and tools improved. We worked in a digital platform, created digital products and laid the groundwork to foster a growing community of learners. In essence I had the opportunity to learn and model the teaming that is necessary in today’s modern work force (see previous post). It changed my way of working, thinking and ways of learning forever.

Professionally I have been thinking about how to bring the teaming experiences to K-12 education. I am at ISTE now and it is bringing back memories of the people and experiences of my first ISTE (then NECC) when this incredible team met for the first time when shared our experiences of teaming and creating in a presentation we planned without ever meeting face to face.

I though I would take the opportunity to thank them for helping me to be the educator and learner I am today.

This team was primarily the DEN in SL leadership council that met in Second Life as well at the DEN Guides, and the many educators who came to chat, share ideas and learn together. I am going to list a few names here I know I will leave out somebody it has been a while and I often get real life names and avatar names mixed up, so please forgive.

To my old teammates; Steve Dembo, Fred Delventhal, Nancy Sharoff, Lori Abrahams, Anne Truger, Elaine Plybon thanks for teaching me so much.


7 thoughts on “Remembering The Team Who Taught Me So Much

  1. I have great memories of learning from you as well and how special it was when we all met in person at last . Wish I could see you again at ISTE! Some of the team are there! I have now retired and need to think how best to use my knowledge and passions in the future! Great to hear from you! Lor

  2. I met most of you at NECC 2008 in San Antonio! My life has never been the same!!! Thanks to all, and thanks to Beth for this post!!!

  3. Good to hear from you Mark. I certainly remember meeting you in person at San Antonio it was so good to put a face to a name. You were certainly an integral part of making me who I am today. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and support as we all dove into the world of using to tech and finding the best way to support students.

  4. Beth, it was the most incredible journey we all took together. I think about that time and realize that we were pioneers in some ways that haven’t taken hold even still! The effort of working together from across the country in a venue with no proven history changed my way of thinking, also, and all of you forever hold a special place in my memory and my history.

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