Making the Most of the New Year

Making the Most of the New Year

A new year means a time for reflection and a new start, as educators we get two every year.  We start fresh each school year and get a boost mid-way through with the start of a new calendar year.  I take the winter break to reflect on how the year is going and what type of course corrections need to be made.  How will I make the most of the second half of the school year? How will I make 2015 the best year for my students?

My students are teachers who are working in a relatively new mobile learning environment.  My greatest desire for them is to find joy in being learners, to celebrate their risk taking and exploration of mobile learning.  I want them to feel free to make mistakes and take pride in learning from them.  They have been given the opportunity to transform their classrooms by integrating digital technology in a 1:1 learning environment.  I plan on supporting them by providing a variety of examples, modeling the tools, supporting in creative class instruction, facilitating teacher to teacher and teacher to student collaboration.

The air is full of excitement, opportunity and a little bit of nervousness there is no better time to dive in and figure it out together.

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