A Teacher’s Thoughts on Testing

A Teacher’s Thoughts on Testing

A colleague of mine shared with me An Open Letter to American From a Public School Teacher, by Michael Mau.  It is a really is a good read and gets you thinking. I know many educators who are questioning why they are still in education. The classroom educational experience has undergone many changes in the last couple of decades and teachers feel they are being pulled in conflicting directions increase personalized learning and creativity and increase standardized testing.  Not that they are mutually exclusive, but with a limited budget and number of hours in the day streamlined instruction that focus on testing tends to win out.



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  1. Hi my name is Tabatha Girdlestone and I really enjoyed reading this letter. I have not yet started teaching, but I have heard many different aspects on this subject. Other activities such as art and music are not discouraged, but are being pushed as extracurricular or after school activities. Testing children and getting them prepared seems like it takes up so much time throughout the day and is deemed more important.

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