MIT’s Exhibit tool

MIT’s Exhibit tool

Tom of Bionic Teaching has been writing about MITs Exhibit tool (post 1 and post 2). I have been thinking about this tool since he first shared his find. This web based tool allows the user to create an interactive Web exhibit. I have been thinking about the Social Studies and Science teachers who make interactive Hyperstudio projects (looking forward to checking out the reprise of hyperstudio) or Keynote/PowerPoints. I think this may be a great option for updating the projects they usually do. So now I need to play with it some more and think about how to introduce them to it in the fall.

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  1. Beth,

    Glad it interested you. I’m pretty amazed with how is easy it is (once it’s set up!). I might even approach it that way initially and just set up everything and let the teacher and student enter the data. Then later once they’re hooked I’ll start getting them into the other parts of things.

    It was a little rough getting started but I think it’s worth it in the end. I’m hoping I’ll have time to make some more basic templates with a focus on other subjects in the coming weeks. I’d also like to clean up the CSS. I got in a hurry and did some ugly things.

    Keep me in the loop if you end up using Exhibit. I’d love to see what you do.


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