How To Change Education…

How To Change Education…

Welcome back to school!  Those of us in the world of formal education are now deep into the process and our summers of relaxation, professional development and planning have morphed into the daily work of teaching and learning with our students. As we begin our new school year I would like to encourage you to watch a talk by Ken Robinson on How to Change Education from the Ground Up.

Many of us are dealing with changes in curriculum as we move to the common core and prepare for new testing with PARCC.  We are still adjusting to the new evaluation system, evidence collection and district and state determined measures of learning progress. Not to mention many district are increasing student access to technology in various versions of mobile learning.  It the midst of all this change it is sometimes easy to loose focus on why we do what we do: support our student in their learning.

Robinson’s video helps to put that into focus and reminds us that teaching is not a “mechanized delivery system” but an art form and what matters is what happens in the place were student and teacher meet.

As another year begins I want to wish you lots of energy, creativity, passion and joy in learning and success in inspiring your student to do the same.


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  1. I’m so glad that you commented about the change in assessments and the use of technology in schools. I work in a district in Pennsylvania, and we are currently in the process of switching over to the Keystone Exams. I have found that the use of technology in the rooms has been a great way to meet the common core standards and ready our students for the Keystone Exams. We are working on having one laptops for every student in our school. Imagine how much we could teach our students if everyone had access to a computer and the internet! We could be creative in our lessons and have our students help us create the best lessons. Not only would teachers be incorporating their own passion, but we would foster love for learning in our students as well.

  2. Hello, Mrs. Knittle,
    I liked reading your post, HOW TO CHANGE EDUCATION, I enjoyed watching the video you linked Ken Ren Robinson on How to Change Education-from the Ground Up. He had a great talk on how to help your students to learn. When I become a teacher, I have to remember the importance of engaging my students. Some of my teachers were not engaging. Mr. Ken Robinson had interesting points on the state of education. I agree, the real focus on education is sometimes lost. When I become a teacher, it is important for me to remember that education is about educating individuals.

  3. The new common core will hopefully revitalize the learning process once again. Being a teacher in Southern California in the Orange County area the majority off students have little to no access to computers inside the classroom. Many schools are using technology that is old and outdated That is very cool that your district is focusing on getting new forms of mobile technology into the classroom. Tablets appear to be a great inexpensive way to bring technology into schools without breaking the budget. I have witnessed first hand how students embrace new technology and become very immersed in the lesson that is focused around it. The great part is when students are passionate about their learning the behavioral issues disappear. I hope you have a fantastic year.

  4. I really enjoyed your post and i thought the video you linked was very helpful. I’m glad you brought up the topic of new technology in the classroom. I am actually in a class at the the University of South Alabama where we are learning all about the new types of new technology in classrooms. I liked the way he talked about helping your students learn. When i become a teacher i will appreciate these things and take them into consideration.

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