Patriot’s Day

Patriot’s Day

We are at the end of April vacation in Massachusetts and Maine. April vacation always occurs the week of April 19th, Patriot’s Day around here.  A remembrance of the battle of Lexington and Concord, the start of the war that set us firmly on the road to independence from England.

I have always been fascinated by the time period 1600 -1820.   There was a change in thinking which resulted in a change in governance, power and the world map.  I am particularly interested in the letters and diaries of the time, how individuals rediscovered individualism and Natural law and acted accordingly. I am also fascinated how ideas were transferred, how learning occurred. This is the era of the self made man.

My daughter introduced me to the web comic The Dreamer and I had the pleasure of meeting the creator Lora Innes at Anime Boston.  If you love history, or know someone who does I highly recommend it. The comic is a romantic, adventure surrounding a modern day teenage girl and is set today and the start of the revolutionary war.  Though this is a fictional work it is steeped in accurate history.  It also inspires one to find out more.

I am an avid reader of history and went through previous blog posts where Innes reviews some of the books she has read, I have added some to my reading list. As I wrote previously about by experiences at Anime Boston, it does my heart good to see that young people (and us old folks too) are creative, out of the box thinkers are still inspired by our past.


** On a side note if you are interested in the American Revolution may I recommend the interactive time line of the American Revolution Center – they have a web based and iOS version.

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  1. Hi Beth!
    It’s Lindsay Curtis again, from the University of South Alabama EDM 310 class! My brother-in-law is a History teacher and I will be sending him a link to this post! He would love to read this. As an Education major, I want to be able to think out of the box to find resources to better inform and engage my students. Thank you for the info! Have a great week!

    -Lindsay Curtis

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