Professional Networking

Social Networking is way for people to connect and collaborating. I have found it extremely valuable in my professional life. This professional networking is vital to my Professional and Personal Learning. My Learning Network contains a variety of tools. Below are links to the tools I most frequently use to support my learning and collaboration.

Handout: Personal Learning Networks

  • Skype a great VOIP tool, combines voice and chat. It leads to create impromptu conversations.
  • Twitter a combination of mini blog, what am I doing, thinking, IM kind of tool. Posts are limited to 140 characters.
  • Plurk is similar to twitter but the conversations are much easier to follow.
  • Google Plus a facebook like environment.
  • Second Life® is a platform for communication and collaboration and a great way to connect and learn with other educators. Please see the other resources located in this wiki.
  • Ustream TV allows participants to watch video and participate in a live chat.

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