Wesley Fryer has put together a great wiki on podcasting. It contains almost everything you need to know about creating a podcast from beginning to end. It also contains some great examples If you are in need of inspiration. The Education Podcast Network. The Educast Network has a directory of EduCasts it is also a good place to look for inspiration.

  • A Podcasting Legal Guide
  • Audacity is a free tool that allows you to record audio, these can be used in podcasts. The Audacity site also links to tutorials on how to use this software.
  • Advanced Podcasting ideas, also by Wesley Fryer.
  • ustream allows any one to broadcast video EdTV is a list of educational ustream broadcasts.

Screencasting is related to podcasting and is usually a video format of a power point or what is occurring on a computer screen. Beth Kanter has created a screencasting primer, a very good place to start.

TeacherTube and SchoolTube are youtube like services with a growing library of educational video to chose from.

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