Online Productivity Tools

Juicy Geography is a good blog to support using Google Earth.

  • Zoho, like Google offers a host of online productivity applications to create documents, presentations, databases, surveys and calendars.
  • Survey Monkey's basic subscription is free and allows the creation of online surveys.
  • gliffy is a free drawing tool, it is great for creating concept maps and flow charts.
  • 37 signals creates project management and collaborative tools a great set of tools if you are working on a collaborative document, such as curriculum guide or units.
  • toondoon a place to make and publish comic strips.
  • VoiceThread a free webtool that allows images audio to come together, it also allows readers to leave audio or text comments.
  • SlideShare is a great online presentation tool. Make and share your presentation online.
  • Slide is a site to allow you make slide shows on the webs with your photos.
  • Animoto allows you to Create animated slide shows.

Sometimes you need to clean away the clutter viewpure lets you view youtube without the ads and comments and readability lets you view the text only from a webpage.

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