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eBooks and eReaders Exploring Ways to Share Content

eBooks and eReaders are the 'new' tech and as such the area is pretty fluid. Educators and learners should examine eBooks, eReaders and ways to take your documents and make them eReader ready.
eBooks:Read,Create,Publish as pdf
eBooks:Read,Create,Publish as ePUB

Creating eBooks

Educators create documents daily. Many of these are dynamic incorporating hyperlinks, and embedded files such a video and audio. In the past we simply printed our documents and passed them out to students and teachers, but doing so today causes us to lose the rich dynamic content we have added. With the advent of eBooks and eReaders we can now add ePUB and MOBI as publishing options.

The ePUB file format is the most widely distributed format it can be used by the majority of eReaders, except the Kindle. If you use a Mac and have Pages 09+ this is the most straightforward way to create an ePUB. Begin with a document (.pages or .doc) and open it up in Pages. Add images, video and links. Then export as an ePUB. Apple has created a nice template and how to guide to create an ePUB file in Pages. Apple has also released iBooks Author to create iBooks exclusively for iPads. If you are an Adobe InDesign user you can export your work as an ePUB. Adobe has created a nice tutorial for exporting an InDesign file to ePUB. There is also online converters.
Create Your Own eBook for your iPad by Sylivia Rosenthal Tolisano

There are many apps available for building ebooks for the iPad such as Creative Book Builder and Book Creator

Locating eBooks

eBooks come in a variety of formats, please make sure you know what formats your reader can use before purchasing.
Google eBooks (now a part of play) puts the power of the Google search engine to work scouring the web for eBooks. Some books are hosted by Google, others from major publishers and distributors.
Project Gutenberg has a large collection of books in the public domain. Currently there are over 33,000 free eBooks available.
eBooks.com has a wide range of eBooks for purchase including many academic titles for colleges.
Amazon has over 775,000 available for the Kindle.
Barnes & Noble eBook store sells NookBooks formatted for the Nook. They currently have over 2 million eBooks available.
Kobo formerly Borders.
The Apple iBookstore currently sells books for reading only on Apple mobile devices, through the iTunes interface
And do not forget you library, many libraries use the service overdrive to facilitate the loan of eBooks.


Multifunctional devices such at the iPad, and android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy use a variety of apps to read books from different sources. Like wise computers can read eBooks from a different distributors, as well as many, smart phones.