A weblog or blog is a way to record ones thoughts and ideas, a way to keep a personal or group journal. But blogging is a much more than that. It is a process; read, reflect, write, and share. This process allows us to create an informal learning network as we read the thoughts and ideas of others, share our experiences and collaborate. Blogging is a tool of a life long learner.

David Warlick has created an extensive wiki with resources from his presentations, workshops, and writings. Here are links to some of his directions related to blogging.

To keep track of the blogs you read you need a collector or aggregater. The collector is a web service that allows you to subscribe to the feed of the blogs. This is called RSS. Lee Lever created a great video that outlines RSS very well called RSS in Plain English. The Infinite Thinking Machine gives a good explanation of RSS

  • Bloglines is a popular aggregator.
  • Netvibes is also a good alternative.
  • Google Reader is the aggregator of choice for many and integrates with iGoogle.
  • Some web browsers have built in aggregators such as flock.

You will need to find blogs to read.

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